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Jaya Raman OAM

(Vice President and Executive Director)

Masters in Science, Graduate Aust. Institute of Company Directors (GAICD), Graduate Diploma in Aged Care and Governance at various times. Provides strategic guidance, valuable contacts and resources to other members. His role has been to meet with the board regularly to keep them informed on operational issues and work closely to come up with strategic solutions to complex challenges. In addition to appearing at official events, he represents the interests of Sri Om in a range of external stakeholders, service providers and develop and maintain relationships with other non-profit leaders and the community.

Dr. Gayathri Chandru


Dr Gayathri is a health practitioner. As Member of the Board of Sri Om Foundation, with a broad knowledge of medical issues and aged care, Dr Gayathri is associated with decision processes relating to aged care and involved in long-term strategic planning. As a Doctor, responsible in the assessment process relating to clients for Home care services.

Srini Vasudevan

(Director – Learning and Development)

Since joining as a volunteer for Sri Om foundation back in 2006, I have seen the organisation grow from strength to strength. Pillars of success are the numerous volunteers and staff who tirelessly work day and night to care for those in need.

Sri Om started with few volunteers which we have seen exponentially grow over the years. The driving force behind our success has been the motivation and strong leadership of our Chairperson and President, who have dedicated their lives to servicing the community. It is these quality traits and attributes they have, that I develop and educate those within the organisation through training, workshops, coaching and mentoring.

Vidya Raghavan

(Director – People Relations)

This year will be the year to focus on devising a strategy to evolve alternate sources of funding and also ensure that we do not compromise our exceptional quality of service.

With IT and business background and several management seminars to my credit, as a Director, I have been involved in forging partnerships, collaborations and developing relationships with families, volunteers, supporting community based individuals and organisations who have been continuously providing great support and motivation and work in collaboration with other service providers to providing best service to our clients.

Shweta Sharma

Care Manager – Day Respite Programs, Home and Community Care Services

Qualified in Aged Care, Leisure and health, began working for Sriom as a volunteer in 2007, and over the years, as the Team Leader managing operations and activities of the Day Centres and Home Care. Participated in continuous improvement processes.

Managed many events like seniors’ week, and developed programs for the seniors. Developed wonderful team of staff and Care workers.

Aarthi Vasudevan

Services Manager

Services Manager, Community Services and Finance, educated in IT and trained in Aged care and Management, have designed various community courses and training like Chronic Disease Management Program and have helped deliver training in various community languages. In Finance, Accounts and Home care logistics, I have updated logistics and systems. I work closely with the operations, community organisations and the government to provide the best service to the elderly.