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Aged Care Quality Standards

At Sri Om Care, we place our clients care at the heart of everything we do so we can support you to live life to the full.

The Aged Care Sector conforms to a quality framework, that brings residential and home-based aged care services under one set of Quality Standards.

There are eight Quality Standards that each aged care service provider is assessed against. At the heart of each standard is the client, with the aim to provide you with greater choice and control.

The eight standards are:

  • Consumer dignity and choice
  • Ongoing assessment and planning with consumers
  • Personal care and clinical care
  • Services and supports for daily living
  • Organisation’s service environment
  • Feedback and complaints
  • Human resources
  • Organisational governance

At Sri Om Care, we strive to provide care and services that allow our residents and clients to live safely, comfortably and with respect and dignity so you can live the life you choose.