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    The care you need in the place you want. Discover the difference Visiting Angels will make in the life of your loved one.
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    The care you need in the place you want. Discover the difference Visiting Angels will make in the life of your loved one.
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    The care you need in the place you want. Discover the difference Visiting Angels will make in the life of your loved one.

Senior Home Care & Elder Care Services

Our team of registered nurses and skilled healthcare professionals provide in-home service.

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Chairman's Message

H H Sri Om Adisakthiyendra Swamigal

Over the past 12 years, we have seen Sri Om Foundation (Sri Om Care) grow exponentially. Our work has been productive, and inspiring with the blessings of my Divine mother, Sriom Jagadhadri.

As Sri Om Care continues to aim for greatness in humanitarian services and activities for the community, it is also very encouraging to see so much support from the community. Support from

community, gives us strength and renewed hope that our efforts towards providing care to elderly are appreciated and commended. Sri Om Care is known for its selfless service towards the community and the team truly believes and follows my motto of”Humanity leads Divinity, Divinity leads to Unity”. It is with great pleasure that | see not only our staff, members and volunteers supporting and assisting in Sri Om Care's growth, but also our youngsters, community organisations, community leaders and our entire community.

It is humbling to see such incredible support and unity from everyone in the community. I pray that this support and unity continues in the coming year and also hope for the Australian Government and private agencies to provide their support in ensuring the care for our elderly. The services you all provide, is in service of the almighty, my divine mother, and for the betterment ofyour soul. 50 rather than simply giving thanks, I will pray to my divine mother to bless you and give you strength and capability to continue your work wholeheartedly, for the community.

H H Sri Om Gnana Sakthiyendra Swamigal

With the blessings of our Devi Ma and our Guru, Sriom Adisakthiyendra Swamigal, Sri Om Care has been running successfully for the last 12 years. And it is with great pleasure that I present to you the report for 2018, for the Sri Om Foundation (Sri Om Care).

Our passion to deliver quality service to seniors in need is growing by leaps and bounds. 2018 has been a year of new achievements and highlights for Sri Om Care. We continued to imbibe our philosophy of a Person-Centred approach to care, across our Home Care Services. We recognize that our promise of quality care is fundamental to our delivery of care. The success of our efforts and perseverance has been demonstrated by the display of appreciation and support extended to us by their families.

Our growth each year is not just in numbers. We are well recognised by various service providers and government bodies. Till date, Sri Om Care's services have been recognised in home and community care for the elderly from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Last year Sri Om set up options for long day respite and short term overnight respite. With overwhelming response, this year, Sri Om Care has excelled in providing home and disability care.

I hope to see Sri Om Care's team striving harder towards expanding existing services and driving towards new initiatives. With all our sincere efforts, we will be showered with the blessings of our Guru and our Devi Ma to continue serving the community at large.

Our Objectives

Providing direct relief and moral support to the people in distress due to family crisis, drug related problems, health reasons, social isolation, social adjustment problems, due to physical and moral abuse, disability or helplessness and other natural or man-made crisis situation. Such direct relief will include but NOT limited to:
  • Provide hostel accommodation for the homeless persons
  • Provide home help for the aged and the infirm / disabled persons
  • Provide transport to the sick, infirm, disabled and aged persons
  • Provide assistance to those elderly, abused or ill-treated
  • Provide Respite services to the aged, infirm and disabled persons

Our Mission

By virtue of these major objects, our mission has been to
  • Provide support to seniors
  • Provide Aged Care & Retirement Support
  • Run Health Programs
  • Provide Community Care & Support

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Jaya Raman OAM

Vice President & Executive Director

Srini Vasudevan

Director - Learning & Development

Vidya Raghavan

Director – People Relations

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